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Mt. Shasta


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We have all been called down to planet earth with a very important soul star mission. a mission of unity, love and harmony.

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Mt Shasta Spiritual Tours

Mt Shasta Spiritual Tours

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I truly had the most activating trip with Paul! He is a pure example of divine masculine and unconditional love. My 2 starred sisters and I looked forward to our tour with Paul for months and he exceeded our wildest dreams! We had the most epic guided meditations at 3 different sacred sites and portals. We let go, we healed, we loved, we are light. I am so grateful for the safe and sacred container he has created as he holds space to activate fellow starseeds and connect you to your star family. I received so many downloads and truly feel like I got to know myself deeper all to the thanks of Paul! I highly reccomed enjoying one of Paul’s adventures!
— Torri Fitzgerald
Paul was an amazing guide. I was so impressed with his professionalism and his ability to read our energies and provide the best experience for everyone in my group. I would highly recommend Paul’s tour to anyone who feels the call to experience the magick of Mount Shasta. I look forward to another tour with Paul.
— Jessica Ayers
I love Paul! He brought me HOME & I found my star seed brother. He made everything real and put the “plug” and connections to all of my wonders. I am so thankful and in much gratitude to have reunited with him.... he took me to amazing portals and it was an experience of a lifetime literally. You must come. This is your calling. We need you all now to connect with Mt Shasta! And paul is your guide
We had a wonderful spiritual tour with Paul. His knowledge of the energy portals and vortexes around Mount Shasta is truly inspiring. We had guided meditations and beautiful little rituals in carefully chosen locations to help us open our hearts and connect to the light beings who reside in and around the mountain. Paul held a frequency of love and gratitude for us throughout the whole day. We all felt empowered, cleansed and very touched by the heavenly beauty of the Shasta Trinity forest. Paul also takes very beautiful photos with a high quality camera to capture the magical moments of the journey. Highly recommend! Five stars.
— Love, Henna, Richard, Joan and Agnes
My day on Mt. Shasta with Paul Isaac as my guide was really life changing. Paul was so very kind and knowledgeable and took me to the hot spots on the mountain that were off the beaten path, so that it felt particularly magical to be away from the general public. My cells were quivering the whole time we were on the mountain, and the photos he took, that captured me in the violet flame and surrounded by orbs, was truly confirmation that we are a part of something so much bigger than what we can see. I would recommend Paul as a superior guide and Mt. Shasta as a beautiful connection to other dimensions. Thank you Paul for putting me in touch with the magic!
— Jennie Worthington
Today’s journey with Paul was mind blowing... he took me to all these portals that i never knew they existed and i was able to connect immediately. I felt i was going on a rollercoaster: rapid images in very vivid colors unfolded super fast and i felt my body literally moving uncontrollably. I wholeheartedly recommend Paul as your extraordinary perfect guide that can show you the true essence of the mountain. He is the greatest mediator you need in order to connect with The mountain and with your higher self! I am truly grateful for Paul and his unconditional love for humanity!
— Daiana Bernini
Paul is a wonderful guide, and the tour he provided me was one of the best experiences of my life. If you are drawn to Mt. Shasta, and are interested in a spiritual tour, then look no further. Trust, and enjoy an adventure of a lifetime in one of the most spectacularly beautiful and loving places in the world!
— Chloe C
Venusian Energy

Venusian Energy

I felt the call to do this and it was so special. An experience that will forever stay in my heart. If you go to Mount Shasta, I recommend you to do this. It will be a day full of wonderful moments, it’s beautiful. Paul takes you to beautiful places you are called to go.

I will forever carry all I experienced with me. It will help me on my journey. I am very grateful I met Paul and did this. He is such a pure soul.
— Megan Vincent
I had a magical experience with Paul at Mt. Shasta. If you’re feeling the call to go to Mt. Shasta like I did, I highly recommend booking a tour with Paul! I can’t wait to go back!
— Jaclyn Gleske
They say that nothing happens by chance ... I found this site to visit Mont Shasta confirmed it. It was as if the Universe and the Masters had conspired that Paul was the one to direct our trip to the Mountain.
Everything was so perfect and beautiful ... so understandable every point and I find through what Paul details and explains ... it’s a transportation from one life to another being in Mount Shasta ... you feel part of everything and everything is part of one ... love and forgiveness are at the surface of every step we took ... I had the opportunity to see and have gifts that the Mountain and my beloved Master St Germain gave me. My meeting with my brother Paul was out of this world ... how I appreciate this meeting and this magical opportunity. Thank you, thank you, thank you Paul ... your knowledge, your love, deification and experience make you unique. I hope to meet again soon.
— Ariam & Esteban San Juan, PR
Doing a tour with Paul while in Mount Shasta is a must.
He is such a gifted and pure hearted soul, he knows everything about the Mountain and is very connected with the beings of light such as Saint Germain and the archangels.
We went to high energy portals and vortexes to receive information and activations.
Bathing in the high frequencies of this sacred Mountain.
Thankyou so much for this day.
Love & infinite blessings,
— Elise Dils
Star Seeds

Star Seeds

Paul is so soulful and has amazing beautiful energy. He guides with love from his heart space and is very knowledgeable and wise. My experience with Paul on Mt Shasta was beyond what I expected it could be. I highly recommend Mt. Shasta Spiritual Tours and Paul as a guide for what you are seeking as it will seek you also.
— Lisa Kobelinski
Paul was the most amazing guide for my trip to Mount Shasta ! And also one of the most amazing humans I have ever met in my life, he has an energy that is pure love and he will make your experience truly magical I couldn’t recommend him enough the tour thought he took me on was truly transformative and it was an experience of rebirth going through an awakening can be confusing coming to the mountain will give you guidance if you are even considering going to the mountain or booking a tour meet with Paul for the best experience ever !!!!
— xoladolce vita
This was such a remarkable experience. Paul is an amazing soul that has a deep love for the Mount Shasta area that was unmistakable. He takes you on a journey not only to experience this sacred place, you are on a journey of awakening your soul when you are open. Paul is extremely intuitive and knows right where to take you for your optimum experience. I can barely put into words the extent of my experience and I am forever grateful for this experience. Thank you Paul, you have made an impression on my heart and life that is forever engraved...….
— Linda Lee
MT SHASTA Spiritual Tours / Mt Shasta Guide
My father unexpectedly passed to the other side very recently. On my drive back to Arizona from Oregon, we were able to stop for a day and take a guided spiritual tour/hike with Paul. It was INCREDIBLY healing for me. I am already planning another trip to go back and spend more time.
I highly recommend Paul.
— Kris Price Kris Price
We had a wonderful spiritual tour with Paul. His knowledge of the energy Portals and vortexes around Mount Shasta are truly inspiring. We had guided meditations and beautiful little rituals in carefully selected locations to help us open our hearts and connect to the light beings who reside in and around the mountain. Paul had a frequency of love and gratitude for us all through the day. We all felt empowered, cleansed and very Touched by the Heavenly Beauty of the Shasta Trinity Forest. Paul also takes very beautiful photos with a high quality camera to capture the Magical Moments of the journey. Highly recommend! Five stars.

Henna, Richard, Joan and Agnes
— Henna, Richard, Joan and Agnes
mt Shasta Spiritual Tours / Mt Shasta Guide
Following the call from my heart, my family and I visited Mt. Shasta. Paul took us to amazing healing retreats so much needed. Thanks to his guidance, I connected with myself and was blessed with information from the “man with the white cloak and the purple man” . We all left the mountain with a sense of longing as well as full of loving energy. Thank you Paul for sharing your pure soul, my brother from the mighty universe! Carmen
— Woah Nelly
Amazing uplifting experience. Paul is very pleasant, friendly & knowledgable tour guide. I would highly recommend him.
— Vanda Shulga