A Message for humanity

You may go into the temple of love and healing, there is now an etheric temple that has been created over this planet of love and healing, and you can tap into this temple and receive it at any time. Step forward into this temple of love and healing and allow your heart to open, and your mind to be healed, celebrate this new life that is being brought forth upon the planet, understand again this awakening of the 11:11 and the portal and the opening of the energies from the photon belt, within your galaxy and onto the earth, so much is being brought forth to humanity and Mother Gaia

Message from the Stars

Message from The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light through Asara Adams - November 10, 2018.

"We are here now.

We love you.

We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path.

Dear One, we are most joyously observing your ascension journey and we are here to tell you that you are doing so very well.

The integration of your higher aspects is in progress and every day, you will be able to connect with them more and more.

It is important who you really are...

A being of light that has chosen to explore this earth plane for a little while for the purpose of co-creation and the expansion of Source energy.

The only way Source energy can expand is experiencing a reality, ask for the improvement of the reality and then, allowing for the new and improved reality to line up with your experience.

You are an expression of Source and therefore, you came here to create new realities with every moment of your life.

These realities are ever changing.

Nothing is permanent.

Every moment is changing into a new reality.

Thankfully, realities are always fluid and nothing is permanent, as it contains a great potential for all good things to come into your experience. as unpleasant manifestations are only temporary as well.

This allows you to learn and become more aware of the fact that you are creating your reality.

Things keep getting better and better, even if it doesn't always look that way...

When you are able to look beyond the illusion and continue to focus unwavering on what you wish to create, you are experiencing your desired reality sooner.

Everything is simply an experience and you came here to have many different experiences.

The only constant in all of this is that you are an expression and extension of Source and that this Divine Light and Love is always within you...

We are holding the vision of the New Earth with you and from our

vantage point it is glorious.

We are with you, every step of the way.

You are loved beyond measure.

We are with you... always. We love you.

We are you. Namaste."


~ Asara Adams

Founder of The Telos Channel

Trance-channel for

Adama of Telos

Archangel Michael and

The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light