12/12 . 12/21 Divine Unity Gateway

We are now moving through the mystical ‘12’ Ascension Gateway that occurs between 12:12 and 12:21. It is the annual alignment with the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Center, located at 27°3' Sagittarius. When you step into this magical Gateway, you are blessed with the bounty of pure creation.

The Solstice Stargate Ascension Activations occur on 12:21 – the day that 12 and 21 are mirror opposites, bringing all into union, into Oneness, into harmony! During this momentous week, we are connecting with the 12 dimensions, the 12 strand DNA, the 12 codes of Metatronian geometry, the 12 phi harmonics and the 12 Tribes of the Great Central Sun. As you breathe in the crystalline plasma Light codes, more dormant Soul DNA will ignite and activate within the merkabic light body. The 12:12 – 12:21 Gateway is aligned with divine source force at the Galactic Center – it is pure potentiality. This is a power moment of infinite possibilities.

We are witnessing a pivotal time in history when one civilization is dissolving and a new world paradigm is being birthed alive. If you sense the world as you knew it is changing, it truly is. The incoming photonic infusion of divine Light from the galactic center is dissolving old, out-dated institutions, structures, systems, rigid mental constructs and toxic behavior. If it is out of balance, it will collapse.

Human DNA uses photon light as a feedback system of communication through energy waves which encode and transfer information. When you step into the 12:21Solstice Stargate, the zero point field at the Galactic Center enables molecules to speak to each other non-locally and virtually instantaneously, in oscillating frequencies through entanglement. Don’t miss this extraordinary moment to crystalize your Soul’s Life Plan.

Just be you

Be The Person…

Moment will come and go…good one, not so good ones, amazing and dull, spirited and quiet.  The one unifying thing about every moment that will ever be?  You!  You make choices every day at what to create in your world, how you see people and what you do.  The Universe wants to remind you; be kind and compassionate, listen to understand rather than respond, practice empathy and do your best to be the kind of person you would want as a loved one or friend.  This is not an insurmountable task.  It happens just as easily as taking a breath

Let yourself Go

life isn't out to get the better of you. It seems to Me that you tend to repeat gossip heaped on you and/or someone else.

Sometimes you feel that life is hard on you, yet I see you pick on yourself. Beloved, sometime you beat yourself up. Life isn't all that hard to please. You are the one who may be so hard to please - not life.

Sometimes it's almost as if you call a halt to yourself, like you will not leave yourself alone. You seem to require to refute whatever hardship is heaped on you and won't be done with it. You may blame life and people for not giving you slack, yet it may be you who pushes your shoulders to the mat.

Yes, it's true that others can be unkind. Yet it is not always others who have a bee in their bonnet. You also do a good job of not letting go. You may keep unfairness to you. You may be the hardest of all on yourself. You do not give yourself a fair shake. You may find it hard to get over something. Release yourself by first letting others' trespasses go.

However, you may be the one who harps on this state of affairs. You say, "Shame on those who are cruel." Why would you keep anyone's false banner waving on your porch? Change the subject. Now it is for you to get on the good side of yourself.

Surely, you have heard Me say: "Let the past go!"

Let the past go once and for all. No longer obligate yourself to fight with the past and to continue to go over it in your mind and, therefore, to play the fall guy.

How many times have you heard not to take so much to heart?

No longer stab yourself with sharp swords. Who is the prosecutor now? Because others build a case against you doesn't mean you have to play it over and over again in your mind and so disparage yourself.

You've heard the refrain: "Let My people go."

Now I say: "Let yourself go." No more anguish. Throw out the past and not yourself.

Under no circumstances are you to categorize yourself as a martyr. Absolutely don't prove to yourself or anyone that you have been a martyr.

Stand tall.

Let go of unkindness heaped on you. Don't be party to it. There is need for you to support others' possible hard feelings.

Climb up another tree. To forgive others their trespasses now means to change the story you tell yourself about yourself.

Remove others' trespasses from your mind. No one else is the writer of your story. You are! The story I tell of you is quite different from the one you tell yourself.

In Whom do you trust? Keep My Words in your heart. Get others' gossip out of your head. This is the meaning of forgiveness. Forgive yourself for having been thought about unkindly. Be done. You require no retribution. Your kindness to those who might have held a dim view of you is to stop thinking about them. This is another spin on: "Let My people go." I ask you to let My people go.

What vibration do you wish to pass out to the world? Be in the company of well-wishers. Be an example of how to deal rightly with false testimony.

Don't repeat it even once. Most especially refrain from perpetuating bad-mouthing of yourself.

"Beloved, let My people go! Let yourself go."