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Remember, dear ones, that everything we do on the Earth plane is always temporary and part of the passage of time, but whatever we become by embracing our Divine Nature remains with us for Eternity.

Live each moment of each day with the Conscious Awareness that you are a Divine Being of Light having a HUman experience.

Remember that we have chosen to come here at this time, in this incarnation, with the intention and determination to immortalize our body and our incarnation by fully embodying all the qualities of our Divinity.

We are Awaken to the Truth that we are pure SOURCE Energy Beigns Eternal, Infinite and Unconditional Love and we came to experience what it would be like to Ascend while in a Physical Body.

Message from the Pleiadians cloud ships


"If You See a Cloud that looks like a Starship, it is a Starship that looks like a Cloud!"

Greetings everyone. We, the Pleiadians and Arcturians are being called on by more and more of the BE-ings on Gaia to assist Humanity with their process of transmutation.

The first component of Self that you will transmute, will be your consciousness. Your consciousness is much more flexible and “transmutational” than your physical earth vessel.

Your physical earth vessel is limited to the third dimension. However, your consciousness, which is the combination of your thoughts and emotions, is more able to alter, enhance, and/or expand your frequency of consciousness.

You will know what frequency of consciousness that you are resonating to by the thoughts and emotions that work together to create your “state of consciousness.”

Your state of consciousness is the frequency of consciousness to which you resonate within the NOW of your daily life, as well as your sleeping, and/or meditating, states of consciousness. Your “state of consciousness/frequency of consciousness” is something over which you have control.

However, in order to control your state of consciousness, you will need to be a loving mentor to your many thoughts and emotions. We, your Pleiadian and Arcturian family, realize how very difficult your third-dimensional reality can be.

It is for this reason that we invite you all to come to our Starship, which is just beyond the tracking mechanisms of your third-dimensional machines. However, we are NOT beyond your third-dimensional imagination. Imagination is something that only humans have, and it is a component of your fourth and Fifth-Dimensional states of Consciousness.

Your “state of consciousness” is the frequency of the synaptic junctions within your physical brain, and it is greatly influenced by your reactions, and interactions, with your third-dimensional reality.

There are many challenges in your third-dimensional reality that do NOT exist within your Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Consciousness. Your Frequency, or state of Consciousness, determines what you choose to perceive in your outer third-dimensional reality, as well as the thoughts and emotions that exist within your Heart and mind.

The emotions that resonate to your Heart Chakra are more likely to direct your attention to be placed on that which you love and wish to experience. However, if you wish to have a certain experience of reality, you will need to go inside your own thoughts as what you think about, you bring about.

Therefore, to be the “Master of Your Reality” you must have a degree of “Mastery Over your Thoughts and Emotions.” What do we mean by the word “mastery over” in this situation? What we mean by “mastery over” is that you are able to have a degree of “mastery over” your self-judgment.

If you judge yourself and do not recognize it, which is often because you grew up with too much judgment in your childhood or even in your present life, “judgment” becomes “normal.” When a judgment is normal—whether it is self-judgment, or judgment from others—it is often because you grew up with judgment.

Blessings, we are your Galactic Family. We are here to assist you to assist Gaia.

Just ask for our guidance and we will remind you about “what you chose to DO to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.


The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Channeled through Suzanne Lie PhD <3 <3 <3

~ <3 ~

Photo: Pleiadian and Arcturian Cloaked StarShips captured Flying over Cape Town, South Africa by Kyle Mijlof

12/12 . 12/21 Divine Unity Gateway

We are now moving through the mystical ‘12’ Ascension Gateway that occurs between 12:12 and 12:21. It is the annual alignment with the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Center, located at 27°3' Sagittarius. When you step into this magical Gateway, you are blessed with the bounty of pure creation.

The Solstice Stargate Ascension Activations occur on 12:21 – the day that 12 and 21 are mirror opposites, bringing all into union, into Oneness, into harmony! During this momentous week, we are connecting with the 12 dimensions, the 12 strand DNA, the 12 codes of Metatronian geometry, the 12 phi harmonics and the 12 Tribes of the Great Central Sun. As you breathe in the crystalline plasma Light codes, more dormant Soul DNA will ignite and activate within the merkabic light body. The 12:12 – 12:21 Gateway is aligned with divine source force at the Galactic Center – it is pure potentiality. This is a power moment of infinite possibilities.

We are witnessing a pivotal time in history when one civilization is dissolving and a new world paradigm is being birthed alive. If you sense the world as you knew it is changing, it truly is. The incoming photonic infusion of divine Light from the galactic center is dissolving old, out-dated institutions, structures, systems, rigid mental constructs and toxic behavior. If it is out of balance, it will collapse.

Human DNA uses photon light as a feedback system of communication through energy waves which encode and transfer information. When you step into the 12:21Solstice Stargate, the zero point field at the Galactic Center enables molecules to speak to each other non-locally and virtually instantaneously, in oscillating frequencies through entanglement. Don’t miss this extraordinary moment to crystalize your Soul’s Life Plan.


So here we are at the 12:12 Portal.

Powerful Light Code energies are streaming through today to prepare us for the major shifts that are coming as we move towards the Solstice (21:12).

If you are experiencing Ascension symptoms such as dizziness and excess energy and exhaustion, just be aware that this is because right now our Light Bodies are all lit up like Xmas trees!

We are streaming and transmitting the new Diamond Light Codes from the Galactic Center to encode the information of the New Earth into the Planetary grids. It looks absolutely marvelous and beautiful to the eyes of Spirit, but is a bit rough on the physical body that is not used to such intense flows of Divine Light.

Just remember that we are an essential part of the shifts and changes that are part of our Evolution, and take good care of yourself at this time.

Divine Blessings are descending on us on this 12:12. The Angelic number frequencies suggest that the Great Mother is pouring out manifest blessings on us as we enter into the energy of the "6"..........Sacred Union or the merger between our Higher Self/Soul and our Physical Being.

I wish you a blessed and light filled day on this 12 : 12 Portal.

by Celia Fenn <3 <3 <3

~ <3 ~

Photo: Brilliant “Fire Rainbow” Phenomenon Spotted Over Coast of South Carolina by Carola Rich Williams

12D DNA ready

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12D Template Update (Part 2)
A Flood of Higher Consciousness Codes

Access to REMEMBRANCE Like Never BEfore
Vibrational Existences "Unleashed"/Released

A Short Activation Video:
Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Plasma Crystalline LightBody DNA Evolution (NOW)

Aloha Divine Light Family,
These SOULar/Star/Stellar Light Codes are to accelerate the AWAKENING and EVOLUTION of our HUmaNITY....  

This flood is through your bodies..... breathe all through you and out.... keep breathing all through you and out.... open up fully to expand and allow..... ♦

Deep inside each one of us.... the brilliance of our Divine Essence and an immense amount of love that is pure and holds a deep sacred respect and caring for all. The immense process of awakening, ascending and living a multi-dimensional life is an entirely new (Remembered) experience that offers everything, as each is ready to fully embrace and open up to all through LIVING fully as Love. 

This PURE LOVE, this is what shifts our entire realities, this is what makes the difference, this is what transitions all from an old earth existence to a NEW Earth existence. This PURE LOVE is a REMEMBERED STATE.... and as we remember, everything changes.... for us, for all around us, for everything in our lives....  

Consciousness means living as love ... to yourself, each other, our planet and ALL as ONE. Higher Consciousness means living from your ascended and expanded states, which opens up a multi-dimensional existence, one that takes full presence, patience and honoring a deep cellular and DNA Evolutionary process that goes beyond all of our old limited mindsets and ways. Consciousness reconnects us all as PURE LOVE.... where unconsciousness functions from a place/space of separation/duality programming... this is the opposite, so there's much that occurs to awaken each one of us from a sleeping state. 

THIS 12D Template is about RETURNING all to a much higher consciousness state, where UNITY is our foundation, which occurs as ego matrix separation programming is activated to become visible so that each can hear/see/feel it and choose to dissolve it/allow all not of love to fall away or be transformed through ACTS OF LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS....  

This 12 Strand DNA Template Accelerates everything. 

For the human aspect, deprogramming processes increase at an exponential rate. Where each has been living from programs, this can be beyond confusing until each becomes aware of this. Programs run deep and take full presence to identify, as well as the dissolving of all judgment in order to choose to consciously clear and reprogram all through higher states of consciousness, instead of the habit/ego one. 

Heart openings increase.... which is a beautiful thing, yet if it's old programs coming up, this can be challenging for a bit. The body has soooooo very much to clear, in order to become fully conscious too. Immense DNA and Cellular work increases to assist each with regaining abilities and access to higher consciousness knowledge not previously accessible before.  

Gaia's DNA and Template: This is a game changer for all. As Gaia releases immense programming from the archives of "the old", huge karmic clearings of a Cosmic Akash, our bodies link up to Gaia through electromagnetics, so as these Cosmic Codes activate to release the old magnetics that held the old together before, our bodies, atmospheres, realities.... what held all together changes for all.  

In the unconscious realms, what held all together was separation and duality and unconscious programming. As these frequencies continue to rise, each's body goes through an immense process of "releasing these magnetics" of the push/pull and control of the old.... 

Memory, emotions, thoughts and beliefs ... all a part of this electro-magnetic clearing, rebalancing and rewriting process. Liken your memory to a an old recording that you put a strong and powerful magnet next to it and it got erased. Look at the power of your human ego emotions when they are heightened and your distortions are surfacing/playing out in your reality to see and clear/resolve/align. Look at your thoughts transmitting from your whole body and communicating through an electromagnetic field. Look at your beliefs as a story, something you learned, were told, acquired and tell yourself. Look at your whole reality as "made up"...  a "belief" held so strongly that it became real. Now look at that huge magnet erasing your memories.... all that you held onto before just dissolving (the more human ego, the more an emotional reaction/response to assist with clearing the big energies, so your body can re-tune itself, without all of that programming "in the way").

As the HEART OF GAIA beats, your heart beats. As the Universe and Cosmos activates in your body, star particles and crystals activate (turn on) and reconnect you again. Every breath, your body awakens more. Every breath reconnecting you to a much higher state of consciousness, which emanates from PURE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS.  

As OUR BODIES, Gaia and our Universe/Cosmos all work together to EVOLVE into a whole new species here, a Cosmic HUman Hybrid, where our DNA is of all of our existences awakened and functioning at optimal efficiency to support much higher purposes and reasons for incarnating/walking in here.... each's "little human ego" becomes the smallest part of who we truly are... 

We are of the stars (Star BEings/Galactics), the Heavens (Christed/God/Angelic/Archangels and more), the Earth (Elementals), the water (Mer-family) .... with existences on every planet, every solar system, every star system, and galaxy, as well as LeMUria, Atlantis, Egyptian..... and the DNA encodements of each of those aspects make up our OVERSOUL and AVATAR BODIES.....  here. Now.

As we awaken, our memories return. We still have to clear the immense distortions of every existence, which occurs in our own inner reality and physical reality too. This is an immense process, because our human aspect did not fully understand, because we did not have the ability to see what all truly was and how all came to BE, without the drama and stories of victimhood and blaming and giving our power away. 

This 12D Template opens up access to CLEAR MEMORY, unlocking the Akash, bringing together the "puzzle pieces" not previously accessible before.... for many reasons that only matter if you are caught up on the story still. 

What this offers is NEW KNOWLEDGE, NEW FREEDOM and NEW POSSIBILITIES for all to awaken and evolve at an even "faster" and more powerful acceleration rate. This is not only exciting, we've all worked hard for this, waited for this, dedicated our self to this and previously agreed to all of this on a SOUL LEVEL ... 

Assist and support your Physical Light Bodies with clearing out any heavy duty programming that kept you/it anchored in unconscious realities (dimensions) before. As your Photonic LightBody recodes, recalibrates and turns codes on, it will be important for you to honor this immense process, as well as the conscious creation/building of all new realities that are highest aligned OVER what your human ego aspect thinks/wants/believes...... 

LIVING AS LIGHT is a very different reality..... in every way. Y/Our Bodies and Physical Realities go through an immense process to accomplish this.

Yet you, me, all of us... this is how we affect, reconnect and unite all as LOVE HERE.  LIVING AS LOVE means you are fully conscious of yourself and all that is in your own reality and you are aligning all yourself. First surrender, to allow yourself to tune/shift and BE..... become this beautiful, magical, kind, generous, respectful, creative, inspiring and uplifting ENERGY and observe your entire reality and yourself..... and shift all from within you fully so that outside can align easier for you. Then you will see what you need to align/do yourself and where you were not coming from your highest place before..... yet the moment you have the awareness... you can. ♥  New realizations, new awareness, new choices, new opportunities all come forth when you are operating at your highest vibration of expanded consciousness here. Your heart, mind and energy all must be fully aligned for this to occur and ALL is through your full presence..... and unified breath.

Through this Beyond Important 12/12Passageway, open your heart and mind fully and allow your ENERGY BODY to shift. Breathe LOVE through you.... connect from deep within. Open up to your highest vibrational realities and pay attention when your mindsets/energy shifts.....

Bring all into full consciousness (which is LOVE) and be totally wide open and ready for all new realizations and understandings to come through..... be wide open for anything.... don't limit yourself anymore. Connect with all as LOVE and SHARE THIS LOVE.... share this beauty, kindness and magnificence with every exchange, act, breath.... and recognize if your heart closes, because if it does, your head and drama/fear/separation programming will start to play again... for you to see and shift yourself...

This last week unlocked tons of archives that was not available before. So much information and clarity and REMEMBRANCE and it's just the beginning .....

Observe distortions. This is an important part of this process so that you can choose to free yourself from your old mindsets and programming and honor your body needing to clear all of that.

Clear your field and honor your LightBody's tuning processes.... Most of all, embrace these next phases with excitement and KNOWING that as you connect from a much deeper place inside that you are REMEMBERING as fast as you allow yourself to. 

I'll put out more updates as we go. I'm not sure when. If you sign up for updates, watch my website or Facebook pages, you'll be able to do this yourself and read/receive as I get all put together and send it out. 

I love you and appreciate all that you are doing through your highest states too. It's important and makes a difference. Keep shining your light and sharing your LOVE to touch the lives of all other too. Keep contributing through your presence and your own ACTS and reJOYce at what comes forth as you/we all do. ♥

InJOY the short activation video for what goes on with our bodies as they awaken.... and our physical realities too. ♥

Magical Blessings and immense Love from Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa

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Just be you

Be The Person…

Moment will come and go…good one, not so good ones, amazing and dull, spirited and quiet.  The one unifying thing about every moment that will ever be?  You!  You make choices every day at what to create in your world, how you see people and what you do.  The Universe wants to remind you; be kind and compassionate, listen to understand rather than respond, practice empathy and do your best to be the kind of person you would want as a loved one or friend.  This is not an insurmountable task.  It happens just as easily as taking a breath

A Message for humanity

You may go into the temple of love and healing, there is now an etheric temple that has been created over this planet of love and healing, and you can tap into this temple and receive it at any time. Step forward into this temple of love and healing and allow your heart to open, and your mind to be healed, celebrate this new life that is being brought forth upon the planet, understand again this awakening of the 11:11 and the portal and the opening of the energies from the photon belt, within your galaxy and onto the earth, so much is being brought forth to humanity and Mother Gaia