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Saint Germain Sacred Retreat 8.2.19 - 8.5.19 Mt Shasta

Saint Germain Sacred Retreat

Saint Germain Sacred Retreat!
August 2-5 in Magical Mount Shasta



  • Recieve messages from Saint Germain

  • Venusian heart Activations

  • Starseed Activations

  • Visit Sacred Portals on Mt. Shasta

Troika has been in close contact with Ascended Master Saint Germain since childhood plus many past lives. He taught her the secrets of Spiritual Alchemy, Transformation, and Ascension. She lives with one foot in each the 3rd and 5th dimensions, and has the rare ability to "take you with her" to the 5th Dimension and beyond.
Time with Troika will magically transform you while raising your vibration and frequency. She will give you highly effective, yet simple, methods to continue your Spiritual Transformation.

Paul is a Master Emissary of Love . He is from the Planet Venus and came to help raise the frequency of the Earth. He is the owner of Mount Shasta Spiritual Tours and your Guide to Mystical Mount Shasta! Ascended Master Saint Germain has revealed amazing Portals to Paul, places that no one knows but him. He will take you to 2-3 of these fantastic portals each day. You will have the unique pleasure to see the mountain through Paul's eyes. His open heart guidance and your experiences on Mount Shasta will change your life.

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