Pure Mt. Shasta a Saint Germain Story

During this time I was going through a healing from being electrocuted here on Earth. I was lost in the Forrest deep in the Shasta Forrest. I stopped and began to meditate while standing up. I asked Saint Germain to guide me back to my car. After a while I began to hold out my left hand.. I started to feel electricity in my hands where Saint Germain wanted me to go. I followed... it was getting dark and I wasn’t prepared. Again I stopped and asked for guidance. I began to feel Saint Germain again, he guided me all the way right to my car. 💜💜💜 Saint Germain has been guiding me to find new portals on Mt. Shasta. Powerful new portals he says are opening up for deep Healing. I’m guided to bring you there. In service and light.