Prism Energy on Mt. Shasta

Living as your light is living through your heart 

It transmits all that you are everywhere


Floating in you 

star seed 

Love is truth

 Feeling you 

into you

 into love 


The parallels 

Are in your cells

In your light 

Those star codes

I recognize 

To download you 

To download them 

 To balance out 

To take a breathe in

It’s a lot 

For someone like me

Our frequency 

Is speeding up 

As you slow down 

Your speeding up 

For someone like you 

Crystals and gold 

Crystals and gold 

They’re everywhere 

In everything 


In your blood 

In cities u found 

On instagram 

UFO s 🛸 

Your turning me on 

They’re Turning you on 


 DNA changed

To get you through 

To the other side 

Where all

Makes sense 

All is loved


The clouds are blue 

The grass is pink 

perfect  bliss 


We live to love 

The perfect kiss

Bliss consciousness 

Bliss consciousness 

Sophia’s dream 

Sophia’s sky

The violet flame 

Transmutes your feelings inside 

The Prism you are 

The prism you are 

The angels love

To hang around 

The prism you are 

When your in the Forrest 

The prism you are 

Heals us all 

and Wakes me up 

At 4:44